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AEO certification

aeologOn March 20th 2012, NTK Neutrales Transport Kontor Polska Ltd. was awarded AEO certification – Authorized Economic Operator. This certificate verifies that our company is a reliable and worthy partner in international trade. Our AEO status allows us certain privileges, for example faster customs clearance.

AEO certification allows:

  • priority customs service and clearance of all customs declarations
  • fewer inspections of documents and cargo
  • priority clearance of shipments undergoing inspection
  • choice regarding the location of any customs inspection upon application by the shipper and agreement by the customs authorities
  • advance warning regarding any shipments to be inspected

AEO is recognized throughout the European Union as well as by Switzerland, Norway, Japan and the USA. Therefore, regardless of where the AEO was obtained, any company with this certification enjoys the same privileges throughout the whole EU.