We have been operating since 2000

Customs Agency

What do we do

Our Customs Agency offers the following services:

  • import and export customs clearance procedures
  • customs clearance in T1 transit procedure
  • our guarantee against customs debt
  • handling of customs inspections
  • certificates of origin and EUR 1
  • representation before Customs Office, SANEPID, WIORiN, WIJHARS, Veterinary Inspector, etc.
  • consulting about customs issues

In order to obtain detailed information, feel free to contact us.

We have been granted the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status AEO

The AEO certification benefits include, e.g.:

  • priority clearance of customs declarations and applications submitted to customs authorities
  • fewer document and cargo inspections
  • inspections out of turn
  • AEO status is recognized by all Members States in the European Union and by Switzerland, Norway, Japan and the USA.